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What’s new in Onside

October 2021

Check visitors out of your property, right from the app!

From time to time a visitor may forget to check-out from your property, especially if you don’t have End of Day Notifications enabled.

If you know the visitor has left, you can now check them out of your property right from the Onside app. They will also receive a notification to let them know they’ve been checked-out.

Simply tap on your property’s visitor icon from the ‘My Properties’ tab, then tap the Visitor check-out button next to their name.

Emergency plans keep getting better

With this latest addition to the Emergency plan, you’ll now be able to attach a pdf or image file, perfect for adding unique information you may have, such as evacuation procedures.

Add it now to your plan from your Onside web portal.

September 2021

Visitors can advise who they're there to see

With this great new addition to the Onside Kiosk, visitors can now notify who they’re there to see.
The person will then receive an email and notification letting them know.

Enable it now from your property’s Kiosk tab on the Onside web portal.

Note: Visitors can only choose to notify staff who are part of the company in Onside.

Join a company from the Onside app

When you first register for an Onside account, you will be asked which company you work for.

If you’ve skipped over this, your company name won’t appear when checking in.

Not to worry though, you can now join an existing company or create a new one, right from the Onside app.

August 2021

Improved End of Day Notifications

Property admins will now be alerted via the Onside app to any visitors still checked in to their properties 30 minutes after the visitors’ alert (so they have time to check-out).

Company admins also have the option of receiving these alerts.

Have your Company admin activate End of Day Notifications from the Company settings in your Onside Web Portal.

Emergency plans, now with wardens

If an emergency happens on a property, it’s critical everyone knows who to report to.

We’ve now added ‘Wardens’ to the Emergency Plan to allow you to do exactly that, as well as a second first aid contact.

Update your Emergency Plan now from your Onside Web Portal.

Check-in distance now added

From time to time a visitor may check-in incorrectly. Perhaps they were just wanting to check the risks of the property before arriving, or maybe it was the wrong property all together. You can now see if your visitor was Onsite, 200m+, 1km+, or 10km away when they checked in.

Simply generate a visitor report from your Onside Web Portal to find out.


Update your Onside profile with a photo

You can now include a profile picture with your Onside account.

When you check-in to properties, this image will show in the visitor list alongside your name.

Add yours now from the sidemenu within the Onside app.

July 2021

Following up with your frequently overdue staff

With this latest improvement to our lone worker system – Onside Teams, when you look at your team’s history from the Team Locator dashboard, you’ll now see if a team member had gone overdue during their visit, and for how long.

Company Admin risk and incident notifications

Company admins can now get risk and incident notifications and emails.

With the release of this feature, as a Company Admin you can now choose to get risk and incident alerts for all of your properties, without having to be added into the team of that property. This will save you a bunch of time on account setup and changes.

Enable it from the Company Settings tab.

June 2021

Quick and easy QR codes

With QR codes now commonplace and everyone now familiar with them, you may find visitors requesting to check-in this way. Alternatively, your visitor may not have the Onside app yet and needs a quick check-in solution.

We’ve now added property specific QR codes you can download, ready to be printed out.

The visitor simply scans the code and it will take them through the check-in process including Risks and Rules.

Find your QR codes in the ‘Info’ tab of your property in the web portal.

Contactless Kiosks are now available

If you have an Onside Kiosk on your property, visitors can now scan a QR code using their phone to go through a contactless check-in.

If the visitor has the Onside app installed on their phone, it will take them directly to checking in to your property via the app.

Enable the QR code from the ‘Kiosk’ tab of your property via the web portal.

May 2021

Need a reminder to check-out?

When you’re going from job to job, you might forget to check-out now and again. Not to worry, now you can be reminded to check-out.
Now available on both Android and Apple phones, simply enable it in the Onside menu to get the reminders.

Team Locator comes to mobile!

You’re busy people and we know you can’t always get to a computer to check your Team Locator dashboard, so we’ve optimized the dashboard for mobile.

Simply log into your account via our website from your smartphone, tap the menu in the top left, and navigate to the Team Locator dashboard.

April 2021

The all-powerful Company Admin

Our new Company Admin role oversees everything happening on a company’s account in Onside and is responsible for managing its staff.

Click the button below to find out what else you can do as a Company Admin.

Manage your user profile from the app

You’ve been putting off updating your profile in Onside and fixing those typos for a while now (Jhon, I’m looking at you).
Well now you can do that right from the app. You can even set which company you should check-in as if you’re part of multiple.

Tap the Onside menu button in the top left of the app, then ‘Edit’.

Billing at your fingertips

Did you know all of your Onside account’s billing details, including invoice history, payment method, and account information is available in the web portal?

*Note: You will need to be a Company Admin to have access to this.

A new look Onside Teams

A fresh new look, smarter property management, risk and incident reporting, and multi-team support.

Just a few of the changes we released in our Onside Teams update!

Report using saved photos

Reporting risks and incidents is now even easier.

Previously you needed to take a photo as you were reporting, now you can choose a photo you’d taken earlier and saved to your phone.

March 2021

Bringing more attention to high-risk jobs

Knowing who is on your property and what they’re doing is a key part of Onside. But when a visitor is doing something high-risk to others, everyone should know that.

In this update, we’ve improved on our Jobs functionality. Now when a visitor checks-in to do a high-risk job, such as spraying or bird scaring with a firearm, a notification will go out to all visitors checked-in, as well as the property admins. When a new visitor checks-in, they’re also advised that person is doing a high-risk job.

No more end of day stragglers

Most properties have a timeframe for visitors to be doing work, and outside of those hours, no one should be there.

We’ve now added a feature to remind visitors to check-out of your property if they pass a specific time you set.
You’ll need to be the admin for your company in Onside.

Reporting property damage

It’s late on a Friday night, you should have gone home a few hours ago, and now you’ve accidentally backed the tractor up a little too far. You need to report it, but “Near Miss” doesn’t quite cover giving the shed a brand new entrance.

We’ve heard from our users that equipment damage without injuries to people is very common and needs to be reportable in Onside, so we’ve added in a ‘Equipment/asset damage’ and ‘Other’ as incident types you can choose from when reporting incidents.

Property Rules gets an upgrade

Property Rules has been used in some super creative ways since we released it, way beyond what we intended for it. We’ve seen it used for gate combinations, traffic flow, speed limits, and relaying important COVID info. Now we’re taking it one step further. You can now add links.

Being able to link anywhere online means you can send visitors straight to induction videos, stored documents, and websites. We’re excited to see what quirky uses you all find for it now.

New risk templates

A lot has changed since we last updated our Onside risk templates. We’ve grown quickly in the viticulture, kiwifruit, and orchard industries. So, we thought it was about time our risk templates reflect that.

We’ve now added in the kiwifruit and viticulture Enterprise Types, full of the most common risks in their industries. Updating your risk register is now so much easier!

Share a quick check-in link for your property

If you have visitors who don’t have the Onside app yet, you can now share a quick check-in link via messaging platforms you have on your phone.

This quick check-in link allows your visitor to check themselves in/out of your property, making their first visit even easier. If they close the browser or restart their phone, they can come back to the same link and check-in or out whenever they need.

February 2021

Our web portal navigation has been revamped

After giving our brand and app a refresh, the final piece of the puzzle was doing the same for the Onside Web Portal.

When you log in via our website now, you’ll see a brand new layout.

  • The top menu has now moved to the left-hand-side
  • The Profile, Billing and Log off items are now visible in the main left-hand-side menu

Quick-add your own details for incidents

To speed up the incident reporting process even more, we’ve added a quick button which will fill in the fields about you based on your account info.
Simply click on the ‘Use my details’ option.

Setting up your Kiosk is now super easy

We’ve put access to your property’s Onside Kiosk directly into the Onside web portal, so now it’s easier than ever to get it set up and ready for your visitors.

Add time-based risks to your property

Got a chemical sprayer coming for the next couple of days? You can now set how long a risk will remain on your risk register for. Once that time is up, it will remove itself from the risk register.

New Property Filters

Home time has just rolled around, but you’re not sure if people are still checked in to your properties. Well, we’ve added a quick filter to show you exactly which properties still have visitors. It also shows which properties have reported risks and incidents still pending.

Investigation Notes for incident reporting

Got a reported incident on your property that you’re still sorting out? Well now you can add notes to it so you can keep track of how you’re managing it.

Onside Teams Risk and Incident Reports

Looking after your teams out in the field is now even easier. If someone from your team reports a risk or hazard, you can generate a report on it whenever you need.

Our new app layout

Accidentally swiped away an important notification? No worries, with the new app layout, you can quickly see your notification history, as well as the properties closest to you, your own properties, and recently visited properties.

Print your risk register

Got an audit coming up and the auditor favours printed risks when doing their checks? You can now print your risk register including your risk map, ready for the visit.

Smarter notifications

We’ve given the Onside app notifications an upgrade. Did you know you can now tap on them to go straight to what’s happened? If you have Onside Teams, you can also update your departure time with a simple tap too.