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New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW) and Onside are working together to make it easier for everyone in the viticulture industry to keep biosecurity traceability records and protect their industry.

Growers, suppliers, contractors and anyone in the viticulture industry are now able to use Onside to report all plant material, machinery and equipment movements and keep records from the field. It’s free, simple and available through any version of the Onside app

Using the Onside app to report all plant material, machinery and equipment movements on and off vineyard will enable NZW to rapidly respond to, trace and manage incursions of pests and diseases, such as Pierce’s disease or brown marmorated stink bug.

Who does it effect?

Everyone in the industry has a responsibility to protect themselves and others from pests and diseases. Spread or incursion of exotic pests and diseases would be devastating for the industry; as it has been in many other industries like the kiwifruit industry. 

SWNZ provides links in their questionnaire to NZW’s biosecurity resources. NZW provides a range of biosecurity resources and templates for growers. This digital tool is a simple and easy way to meet traceability guidelines without the paperwork.

Onside customer using the app

Why is it important?

Keeping out unwanted pests and diseases and being able to quickly spot and track anything that does get into New Zealand and onto our vineyards is important as it could affect everyone in the industry. 

In the current landscape, if a pest or disease biosecurity outbreak did occur, tools or systems are limited to rapidly trace or track possible vectors in order to reduce, halt or eradicate the threat, or reduce potentially substantial economic losses.

There are currently numerous potential vectors of biosecurity risk in the viticulture industry that are not reliably or effectively traceable or trackable. These include plant material, machinery, vehicles, internal staff, contractors, consultants, researchers, site visitors and the general public.

The viticulture industry commonly uses contractors and equipment that are mobile across many properties. With the increasing automation of viticulture and the potential of the use of these new automated machines on a contract basis, it could reasonably be expected that biosecurity risks will increase further.

Map of rural movements across NZ

This image depicts a high level of connectivity of movements around NZ captured through the Onside app, showing the importance of using this data to better manage pests and disease incursions.

Automatic or manual reporting

Currently, people typically record movements of machinery, equipment and plant material manually. This is time consuming and ineffective to use in a response. Onside is working with NZW to roll out Onside’s app designed for growers that is able to be used in the field on a mobile device, without the need for physical notebooks or clunky spreadsheets.

How do I enable automated recording?

If you’re an Onside customer, you’ll have received an invitation from NZW with a link to follow, or you can enable recording via your web access.

If you’re not an Onside customer and you’d like to enable recording – it’s a quick process, you can enter a few details below and you’ll be sent a link to get set up.


Onside biosecurity web portal

Getting started

If you decide to join and use Onside to record your plant, machinery and equipment movements, you’ll be contributing to NZW’s ongoing efforts to protect our industry and the livelihoods of people within it.

Contact NZW or Onside on 0800 ONSIDE if you have any questions or need any support.


FAQs What am I agreeing to share with NZ Winegrowers?

When you enable reporting via Onside, you are agreeing to share with NZ Wine and BRI:

  1. Plant material & machinery movement records stored in Onside
  2. Anonymised visitor logs
  3. Your contact details (or the details of your nominated contact person)
  4. In the event of a biosecurity concern, and only where reasonably required for the purposes of NZ Winegrower Biosecurity team to do their job, or as otherwise required under applicable law, NZ Wine may ask Onside to provide identifying contact details for a person that has visited your property. It is only in this case that visitor details are shared with NZ Wine. NZ Wine will inform you if it has obtained these details from Onside, unless required otherwise under applicable law
What if I change my mind?

You can disable recording anytime in the same place you enable recording

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