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Guides for Rural Property Managers

Knowing your health and safety responsibilities

Health and Safety legislation states that everyone has a role to play in managing H&S. Find out the 4 key roles and the different H&S responsibilities for each. Plus, also included is a H&S responsibilities poster to print and put on your noticeboard.

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Managing risks and hazards

Risk management is only effective if risk information is kept up-to-date and accessible to everyone. This How-to Guide covers the 4 steps to effectively managing risks on your property.

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Managing incidents

In a busy workplace things can go wrong. Following the right steps can ensure that the same accidents don’t happen more than once. In this guide we cover the 4 things you need to do to manage incidents that occur on your property.

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Working with contractors and visitors

Contractors can often bring increased safety risk to others working on your property, based on the nature of their work. Follow these 4 simple steps to make sure all contracting work completed on your property is well managed.

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Planning for an emergency

Download this guide to make sure you’re prepared for any emergency that could happen while people are working on your property. Plus, plan for any scenario with the emergency plan templates, available to download and fill-in with your property specific details.

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Training your team

A team that’s properly trained are more productive, make less mistakes and enjoy their jobs more. In this guide you’ll learn the 4 things you need to do to ensure your team are trained and know how to complete their job properly and safely. 

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Get serious about H&S

A health and safety policy shows your team and visitors that you're serious about safety. Get your free policy template, then personalise it to make it your own.