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When it comes to protecting your people and business, it’s best to be on the safe side with Onside.

We’ve been in your Red Bands and know just what you need. We offer smart and simple features designed specifically to take the hassle out of health and safety in the rural sector.

Efficient People & Property Management

Onside creates a network of connected rural property managers and service providers, then provides you with the tools to manage your team and visitors efficiently. With digital check-in, live team dashboards, customisable job lists and job and visitor reporting, you can spend more time getting stuck in and less energy on the nitty gritty.

Proactive Safety Management

A safe rural sector is a savvy one, with critical information easily accessed and shared in one easy-to-use platform. Onside helps property managers to educate, inform and alert their team and visitors with customisable property rules, live risks, boundary mapping and emergency plans. Visitors get an instant low-down with a digital risk induction, then they can report incidents and log their own hazards if they arise.

Ease of Communication

Customer service and connecting with ease is super important, no matter what you’re growing. That’s why Onside has built-in communication features such as a chat platform, click-to-call option and automated texts-on-arrival with estimated departure time and job description. All we need now is a built-in kettle.

Multi-Device Access

As the leading rural digital check-in tool, we’re experts at helping people on the move. Onside can be accessed from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop whenever you want to get down to business. You can also log-in and manage your admin permissions via the web. How very convenient.

Get started with Onside, FREE

At the office, on the road or with one hand tied to a pie, Onside FREE is accessible for free on mobile with unlimited user access.

Add properties or manage admin permissions via the world wide web.

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