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Is the free version of Onside a trial?

No, the free version of Onside is not a trial and will not expire. You are free to use it whenever and for as long as you like.

Why can't I access some of the features?

All of Onside’s digital check-in features are free for everyone. To see Onside’s paid features for rural businesses, visit the Property or Teams pages.

Can I use Onside offline?

Onside’s basic check-in functionality will work offline and any data you upload to the property will be logged the next time you open the Onside app while in reception. Property Risks and communication tools won’t be available while offline, so consider checking in before you go out of reception to be able to view the property risks and let the property manager know you’re there.

How much battery and data will Onside use?

We’re always careful to make Onside as efficient as possible when developing new features.

  • The Onside app uses on average around 5% of your battery if using it throughout the day
  • For every 5 properties you check-in to, the Onside app uses 1 megabyte of data. In context, that would be 2% of your monthly data allocation if on a 4GB monthly data plan
How do I update the Onside app?

You can set Onside to auto-update in your app settings, or go to the iOS or Android app stores on your mobile device and search ‘Onside’, find the app, then click to ‘Update’.

Do I need location services (GPS) enabled for Onside?

No, Onside works without GPS location. We recommend that you do have GPS enabled to help Onside find the property that you’re checking in to. Having GPS enabled also helps to see where you are on the map, so that you can easily see the distance between your exact location and the property risks.

How can I contact Onside?

Our normal business hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Contact us via any of the below methods and we’ll be right with you:

  • Call 0800 ONSIDE (667433) free within New Zealand
  • Chat via the speech bubble on our website – this will be an automated report to start, but will go through to customer service if it doesn’t direct you to the right place
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Fill out the Contact form on our Contact page


Does Onside use GPS to track my location?

We collect GPS coordinates only when a user enables the Auto Mode feature. Auto Mode is a feature we released to Beta on Android devices which will significantly help visitors going to properties remember to check-in and check-out when visiting. See more information about this in the Help Centre.

How does Onside use my data?

We use data collected from Onside app usage to improve user experience and inform product development. Besides this, Onside may use the data that you provide for marketing.

For more information about out privacy policy, visit out Privacy Policy page.

Is my data secure?

Yes, we take data security seriously. Data entered into Onside is securely accessed and stored. We perform security testing on a regular basis and we also work with a third-party certified security specialist to keep our platform safe and secure.

For Customers

What does Onside's paid pricing plans include?

The Onside paid pricing plans include features designed for rural businesses. Property Essentials is made for Property Owners and Managers, Teams Professional is designed for Contractors who visit multiple rural properties.

Visit the Pricing page of our website for a full feature list.

If you’d like to learn more about either of the Property or Teams plan features, book a call with one of our Sales team.

Do I have to pay a fee for Customer Support?

No, the help of our friendly Customer Support team is covered in your subscription plan.

How do I upgrade my Free Property?

If you’ve got a credit card handy, then you can upgrade any individual property by logging in on web portal, selecting the property you’d like to upgrade, then clicking ‘upgrade’. If you need to set up a subscription via a different method, you’d be best to book a call with one of our Sales team.

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