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What were your biggest pain points before Onside?
There were many, but the primary issues were the lack of visibility with our staff inductions on site, having to use paper documents for those inductions, that then had to be printed and signed by the grower. That same grower having to constantly repeat themselves, pointing out the same hazards at every new induction.

So Onside has really made a difference to the day to day?
It hasn’t just saved us time; it’s saved our biggest H&S frustrations. There’s a certain amount of information that everyone needs to be updated with. Having that information easily accessible on visitor’s phones is hugely efficient. Enter the information once, and then be able to share that in real time with anyone who needs to know it.

What are Onside delivering for you at T&G?
In a broad sense, they are helping us to deliver a safer working environment. More specifically, the Onside app has allowed us to digitise our induction documents as well as create a digital risk register.
They’ve delivered us a paperless solution that allows incident reporting to be accurately captured and audited if and when needed.
Under COVID-19, Onside delivered us the ability to show that we were contactless in our check-in, but also able to track and trace across multiple sites and regions.

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