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What industry/industries are you in?
Redbank Farming runs a mixed cropping, vegetable production and beef enterprise in Tasmania.
Our family has been farming for the last 30 years at Sisters Creek. We grow Potatoes, onions, poppies, pyrethrum, wheat, peas, mustard, corn and canola. The canola is cold pressed and bottled for human consumption. The business also offers contracting (combining, muck spreading and spraying) in the local area. We also just recently started NW grain pool, which pools local grain and sells to local dairy farmers.
Another of our businesses produces day old chicks, and is called Redbank Poultry. All combined there are 18 people employed, with numerous contractors, agronomists, Tradesman and visitors entering our farm daily.

How long have you been working with Onside?
I heard about Onside a few years ago when I was doing a trip to a Landwise conference in New Zealand. We started using the app early 2020.

Why did you choose Onside to look after health and safety in your business?
There was a lot of “OH & S” software out there, but nothing for farms that was really practical and easy to use. We love that Onside also allows people to sign in anywhere on your property – this is particularly handy if you don’t have an office that is manned all the time – it’s also just not practical to have to drive to the sign-in book.

What problems did Onside solve for you?
Onside has proven to be an easy to use, practical tool, for keeping track of people visiting your property. It allows critical information to be always available – like Manager’s numbers and risks hazard activates happening that day.

How supportive is the Onside team?
Being a NZ firm there is a time difference of a few hours, but apart from that the Onside team have been very helpful.

On a scale of 1 being hard to use and 10 being easy, how easy is Onside to use?
It’s a 9!

Would you recommend Onside to other businesses?
Absolutely, with today’s Covid Crisis it is even more critical to know who is on your property for OHS and Traceability .

What advice would you give to other Onside users?
It’s not hard, and it can also be a great tool for contractor’s or visitors to report any issues they see or info they need to know.

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