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How important is Health & Safety compliance for your company?
Health and Safety is definitely number one, it really is, it’s the most important part for us.

How did you handle risk management or incident reporting before Onside?
We’ve had Onside for over a year now, and before that we did a lot of paperwork. In our case, this meant we filled out a lot of written copies. We still recorded everything – but unlike Onside, it was very manual.

What were your biggest pain points before Onside?
There were many pain points, but definitely the large scale sign in was a real pain point. We engage well over 200 people at peak times in the season. Getting each of those people accounted for, and aware of all the hazards, is a huge task. We engage these workers via subcontractors, so there’s always been a lot of admin behind that.

What helped you decide to adopt Onside for your organisation?
Mainly Onside’s experience, specifically in viticulture. Through my own work experience I understand the kinks that need to be ironed out for early startups and I knew that Onside were well past all of that. I knew the practicality of going with a tech company that had experience in our industry, so ultimately it was a simple decision based on convenience.

What is your personal favourite feature with Onside?
Having the kiosk feature. The kiosk is definitely my favourite feature with Onside.

How much time does Onside save your organisation?
The amount of time that Onside saves our company
is very substantial. I’ve been reminded recently, since Covid-19 regulations meant that we had to go back to some manual sign in, to record additional information
specific to us. If you just take the functionality of Onside for signing people in, it saves huge amounts of time in that alone.

How easy was it to move to Onside?
Simple as – it really was easy as soon as we had gathered buy in from our employees and growers.

Do you have any other comments about your experience with Onside?
I would love to mention the team, as they are really easy to work with. They’re pretty prompt in their dealings and they take all my feedback on board. The thing I also really like about having to interact with Onside is that there’s always lots of energy in the team.

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