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What was your biggest pain point before Onside?
For us, it was all the manual paperwork involved in the previous system we used. To give you one example, for each incident we would fill out a form, scan it and email it to our H&S company. Then we would file it in paper form and on SharePoint. As you can imagine, following a system like that made it pretty tough to stay on top of assessing and properly documenting risks and incidents. We found ourselves delaying reporting and things tend to spiral from there. Accurately capturing a risk or incident hours later is always difficult:  thinking back on what happened and trying to input that information honestly gets harder the longer you wait. So there was definitely an impetus there for change and a need to do things differently.

Why did you choose Onside?
The clincher for us is that the Onside app helps us to quickly summarise risks and incidents and capture all the relevant information right there, in the moment, when you need to. The reporting is simple and straightforward, but there is also lots of flexibility there to add in extra detail if the need arises. The overall design is well thought out and allows you to seamlessly integrate new information as it comes up. Doing reporting in the moment means that we don’t always have it hanging over our heads as something we have to do later.

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