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What pain points did you have previously before using Onside?
There were a few areas within our Health and Safety system that we knew we could definitely improve
on. This prompted us to actively look for a better solution. We wanted a system with the ability to track when contractors were visiting our orchards but didn’t involve the old style, paper based and cumbersome sign in/out register that was always getting tatty or got lost. We wanted a system that could be used whether it was for fruit monitoring, sampling, fencing,
auditing etc.

Our second issue was wanting to know that our staff were safe when they were sent to another orchard – particularly when they went on their own to carry out orchard work. We were always conscious that if something did happen to them while carrying out that job, we wouldn’t necessarily know for some time.
And the third thing was related to the fact that we had expanded our business to include an orchard in Gisborne. All of our other orchards were within our local area, which meant we had staff out of town. We didn’t feel robust enough to easily incorporate this orchard into our current H&S system.

What value is Onside providing?
We looked at several other options that might have provided a solution to all the above issues, but it wasn’t until we came across Onside that it removed all the pain points. Onside also ticked a few more boxes than we had initially expected.
Onside has provided us with an easy, accessible, transportable, online system to notify everyone who comes onto our orchards of the hazards (and more) that are present.

We can identify exactly who is on what orchard at any time, and know they are safe doing what they are doing and returning when they should.
Our Gisborne operation is incorporated into the same system, so we can rest assured that our staff down there are informed about H&S related matters – and that we are keeping an eye on their safety, albeit from a distance.

Is there any cost/benefit analysis you can provide?
Onside has provided a very efficient platform for us. We have most certainly saved time and money in the following areas;

  • Hazard management; documenting, reviewing and training
  • The way we document when visitors and contractors are on site
  • Documenting incidents
  • Providing more/better quality information in a user friendly format to visitors, contractors and employees, around the hazards associated with each orchard under our responsibility.

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