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How long have you been using Onside?
We’ve been using Onside for the past year. My role at Berakah is to deliver outcomes – which Onside has definitely helped us with.

How important is Health & Safety compliance for your company?
Like most businesses these days, Health & Safety is of paramount importance.

How did you handle risk management/incident reporting before Onside?
We’ve been trialing app’s like this for a while now. In fact this is the third app that Berakah have implemented – and it’s definitely the best we’ve had.

What were you pain points before Onside?
We had many pain points before getting Onside implemented. For example; not having a solid resolution for lone workers, plus many of our simple processes relating to incident reporting and also the labour intense, paper-based filing that we used to have with our old methods.

What helped you decide to adopt Onside for your organisation?
The many options available in the software and the ease of use were great benefits, as well as the support network Onside provides.

What is your personal favourite feature with Onside?
The latest feature, which is still getting a little fine tuning, but confirming people have signed out and ultimately are safe is one that works well for our business needs.

How much time does Onside save your organisation?
Because this is the third app we have implemented, we have been utilising this type of system for  a while. Onside has better systems than the other two that we trialed, which has helped streamline our processes. With regard to Covid, Onside made it very easy to adopt our new processes and tick boxes for MPI. This created time savings for us that really highlighted the power of Onside.

How easy was it to move to Onside?
It was really easy to move to Onside. Their updates of the software to suit our business have also been a great help.

Do you have any further comments about your experience with Onside?
We really appreciate the help and support Onside provides our companies. They are prepared to work with our ideas and come up with suitable solutions that can really benefit our business. It’s great to have software that we can keep and move forward with.

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