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How important is Health & Safety compliance to Alderson Poultry Transport?
I look after all the cage crews, drivers and other staff, therefore compliance is the most important thing. We don’t have a choice. We have to do the best job we possibly can when it comes to the Health & Safety of our staff.

What were your biggest pain points before Onside?
We were paper based before we moved to Onside, which was why everything took so long. We also weren’t able to track anyone, and we didn’t know who was on the farm or how many people were there. This is the most valuable part of using Onside for us. We realize we should have always been doing this. It’s common sense.

What helped you decide to adopt Onside for your organisation?
Well, to be honest, I really didn’t have a choice at the start – I was told to use it. But now I’m the biggest one to push it for everyone else. It was very easy to to see the benefit of having Onside for our company.

How much time does Onside save your organisation?
For the team, it saves a good 30 to 45 minutes a day of getting in and out of their trucks. Truck drivers don’t like getting out for anything. Because of Onside, we’ve made it really easy for them.

How else has Onside helped your organisation?
All the points I mentioned, like the ability to see where everyone is, had been vital to Alderson Poultry Transport. Since we adopted Onside, the farms that are run by growers, you can see straight away any issues with health & safety on their property. Before Onside we were driving around blind.

How easy was it to move to Onside?
It was easy to move to it. It has been a pretty good transition. We had to do something, and initially as we said, we were made to use it. Once we started using Onside, we made everyone use it. The more people using Onside, the more power there is in it. As more of our customers use it, we get more of the team using it. As Onside grows, it makes my job easier, it really just gets better and better. We can see that it’s the best thing there is out there.

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